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Wedding photography exhibition in Krasnoyarsk 26 March 2011
Wedding photography exhibition in Krasnoyarsk

From 21 to 24 April 2011 in the the Wedding Photography exhibition will be held a photo exhibition "Best World Wedding Photography".
Among the participants of Aleksandras Babičius.

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Irina Belčikova

Phone: +370 655 20070
Photographer, designer, the photo editing specialist. I'm a perfectionist, can't stand the technically wrong made pictures. I appreciate true light, true colors, true emotions and poses. I'm passionate about traveling, watching good movies, sipping a glass of champagne and portrait lenses.

Aleksandras Babičius

Phone: +370 655 20070
Passionate about naturalness, photo reportage, natural light. I love to shoot with the original ideas in unfamiliar places. I do have skeptical view on unions, associations, and titles. I'm happy because I can do what I like to and what seems right for me.

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