Austėja and Mauro wedding 11 November 2010
Austėja and Mauro wedding

21st of August, 2010. Vilnius. Lithuania
Aleksandras Babičius and Irina Belčikova photo story Austėja and Mauro wedding day.

Lina and Modestas wedding 30 October 2010
Lina and Modestas wedding

10th of July 2010 Lina and Modestas got married in Kernavė - old Lithuanian capital. Wedding day photo story:

Rūta and Donatas wedding 6 October 2010
Rūta and Donatas wedding

On the 2nd of July, 2010 Irina Belčikova and Aleksandras Babičius were shooting the wedding day of truly positive couple.

Živilė and Gediminas wedding 21 September 2010
Živilė and Gediminas wedding

On the 26th of June, 2010 Živilė and Gediminas got married in Kaunas. Old romantic Kaunas streets tells the story of this couple love and first date. Take a look at:

Irina and Marius wedding 10 September 2010
Irina and Marius wedding

On the 25th of June, 2010 Irina and Aleksandras was shooting Irina's and Marius wedding in Lithuanian sea port city - Klaipėda. Outdoor wedding registration took place in the clock museum. Lots and lots of details, perfection in organization side and the sea shore made the perfect day. The wedding memories are saved at:

Anna and Vladimir wedding in Moscow 12 July 2010
Anna and Vladimir wedding in Moscow

On the 29th of May, 2010 Aleksandras Babičius and Irina Belčikova were invited to Moscow to Anna and Vladimir wedding day. The day was full of romantic atmosphere and true emotions. The wedding day story:

Vestina & Evaldas wedding 10 July 2010
Vestina & Evaldas wedding

Vestina and Evaldas got married on June 19th 2010 in the unique Bernardinai church. Photo story with lots of smiles, balloons in the pastel Vilnius Old Town you can find at:


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